Montecito Yoga

{ a•sanctuary•for•soul•centered•evolution }

was displaced from its home of 5.5 years in April 2016, and currently resides in our hearts and wherever our practice takes us.

This is the place to be for all


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Denise Zaverdas, E-RYT 500

enjoys the tenure of over 15,000 hours of Yoga instruction. With a B.S. degree in Kinesiology, an unending fascination of human form and function, and the deep curiosity of a seeker, Denise shares the practice from her heart and years of exploration, inquiry, learning and unlearning. While drawing from a diverse blend of disciplines, she emphasizes spirit, breath, structure, strength and fluidity.  Often described as a “teacher’s teacher,” Denise guides students inward to foster a deeper connection with their inner master.  She is a perpetual student, and her current understanding is that Yoga is about relationship: our inner relationship with Self and Sprirt, and our outer relationship with fellow travelers and the world around us.  Denise crafts each unique class as a moving meditation, in preparation for stillness and seated meditation. After 6 years as Assistant Director at the Santa Barbara Yoga Center, Denise founded her own “sanctuary for soul-centered evolution” called Montecito Yoga (MoYo) in 2011, and closed it in 2016 to start the next great adventure.


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